Misano Adriatico & Surroundings

Adriatic Sea and Romagna's hills: so much to discover close to Hotel

Misano Adriatico & Surroundings

You might be surprised by Romagna Riviera's quiet environment, and by the wealth of holiday activities in Misano Adriatico, just close to the hotel.

Misano Adriatico: sea and mountains

The celebrated Misano World Circuit is just one of the prides of Misano Adriatico, the perfect family holiday seaside resort. Sandy beaches and shallow waters, seafront and neat green areas make this Romagna town a great favourite with children. Those who love sports and outdoor activities can keep fit with the several active and nature options available close to our two star hotel. On the entertainment side, do not forget that the Romagna Riviera is the home to a number of popular discos, including the Villa delle Rose.

Misano Adriatico offers much more than its beaches. As a matter of fact, Misano Monte, the town's ancient heart pervaded by the history and heritage of inland Romagna, stands roughly 3 km from the coast.

Hamlets and castles: Romagna and the Marches

One thing is sure, when it comes to Romagna's castles, San Marino's fame is virtually unparalleled. Europe's most ancient Republic actually consists in an ancient walled settlement with breathtaking views, situated on the slope of Mount Titanus, whose most impressive landmark consists in three medieval towers known as the tre penne (the three feathers).

In addition, Misano Adriatico’s surroundings boast another castle that you must see. It is Gradara Castle, in the Marches, just 13 kilometres away.

Romagna's coastline

Each port, each seafront, each small town along the Adriatic Sea is endowed with its own distinctive character. The Fontana delle Sirene (the Mermaid Fountain) in Cattolica, a town devoted to fishing and tourism situated 5 kilometres from Misano, is proof of the strong bond between the locals and the sea and recalls the fascinating atmosphere of sunset walks. Viale Ceccarini street in Riccione, ideal for shopping and trendy hot spot, perfectly conveys Romagna's cheerful and carefree attitude.

And, last but not least, Rimini, the town that encompasses all of these typical Romagna Riviera features, plus a rich cultural and historical heritage listing monuments and archaeological sites that even date back to Roman days.



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